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About Us
Optimum performance of any Electrical or Electronic Equipments is highly dependent on the stability of the applied mains voltage. Both over voltage & under voltage produce harmful effects.
bluebird Automatic voltage stabilizers, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Constant Voltage Transformer maintain the output within a specified range & protects the costly equipments from harm caused by undesired voltage fluctuations.
bluebird is a reputed leading Brand of Automatic Voltage Stabilizers,Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Constant Voltage Transformers & Control/Isolation Transformers for more than past Three Decades.
Our products are well appreciated and have received much recognition for their quality.
We strive to offer Best Quality at most Best competitive rates.
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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
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IC controlled electronic circuit ensuring positive switching of relay contact making it more reliable & durable.
Our Quality
bluebird is a leading brand of voltage stabilizer. We follow stringent quality norms and our products undergoes rigorous Quality checks.  
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Servo Voltage Stabilizer
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Fast correction rate and very high efficiency.
Works over wide input frequency range
and no waveform distortion.
Our Mission
Our mission is to achieve the leadership level in the related industry and provide the best & latest quality products at the most competitive prices.  
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Constant Voltage Transformer
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Optimum performance of sophisticated electronic equipment is highly dependent on the stability of the mains voltage. The continuously fluctuating mains supply, transients, spikes & surges produce harmful effects.
bluebird constant voltage transformer gives an effective solution to all these problems
Isolation Transformer
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Output of An isolation transformer is totally isolated from input. Any fault, leakage, Electrical noise, voltage transients, spikes etc. in the input side are not reflected on the output, thus avoiding damage to sensitive electrical equipment
Our Vision
We visualize having long term relationship with our clients which is based on their satisfaction and our consistent performance.  
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